Private Cloud Infrastructure

IT needs next-generation data center infrastructure that delivers cloud-like economics and agility, but with the security and reliability of on-premises solutions.

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Infrastructure as a true enabler

If your organization is tasked by operating and managing your own IT infrastructure, we can help you transform it to a cloud enabled model where the underlying infrastructure becomes a utility and a true enabler rather than a constraint for delivering services and applications.

Whether it's compute, storage or networking, our goal is to minimize the efforts required for managing, operating, monitoring and delivering your infrastructure. We build a self-healing infrastructure through the power of intelligent automation.

How we work

Getting to know your business

In order to determine which Private Cloud Infrastructure solutions are best for you, we need to get to know your business. What do you need in order to run your business more effectively and what services do your customers expect?

Documenting your current IT infrastructure

How is your IT infrastructure organized now? In order to provide the best Private Cloud Infrastructure solution, we list all the services that are supposed to be delivered.

Product mapping

We pick Private Cloud Infrastructure solutions that are built API first so that we can manage them through the entire lifecycle of the component, application or service. The infrastructure resources, whether it’s compute, storage, networking, data management or security, are resilient and distributed.

Our products

We offer a wide range of software defined infrastructure solutions from the world’s leading vendors.

  • Nutanix: Enterprise cloud platform that delivers the agility and economics of the public cloud, without sacrificing the security and control of on-premise infrastructure.
  • Rubrik: Rubrik eliminates backup software by integrating data orchestration, catalog management, and deduplicated storage into a single, secure, scale-out fabric.
  • VMware: Transform your data center into a flexible cloud infrastructure through compute, storage and network virtualization and consolidation.
  • Redhat: This fully open source solution for enterprises combines a container-based app-development platform, private-cloud infrastructure, public-cloud interoperability, and a common management framework.
  • AVI Networks: Goes beyond load balancing to provide deep application analytics, predictive autoscaling, security, and self-service for app owners on-premises or in the cloud.