VMware vRealize Suite

Deliver and manage infrastructure and applications in the cloud

VMware vRealize Suite is a cloud management platform (CMP) for hybrid cloud. The system allows enterprises to deliver and manage infrastructure and applications quickly while maintaining IT control. vRealize Suite provides a comprehensive management stack for IT services on VMware vSphere and other hypervisors, physical infrastructure, OpenStack and external clouds such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

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VMware vRealize Suite solutions

VMware’s vRealize Suite delivers complete solutions for building and managing multi-vendor hybrid cloud environments. vRealize Suite helps companies deploy the following operational management solutions:

  • Intelligent Operations
    Improve efficiency, performance and availability of heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Automation
    Address requests for IT resources faster and improve the ongoing management of provisioned resources through automation. At the same time, VMware’s vRealize Suite maximizes spending by closely monitoring the cost of infrastructure options and the consumption by end users.
  • DevOps-Ready IT
    Allow development teams to deliver a complete application stack, support developer choice in the form of both API and GUI access to resources and provision resources across a hybrid cloud.

The vRealize Suite Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is the management control plane for VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), providing a holistic and integrated approach to the management of hybrid cloud environments.

Benefits of VMware vRealize Suite

  • Improve agility and efficiency
    Deliver IT services faster and increase efficiency of IT staff and the use of data center resources.
  • Optimize the IT infrastructure
    vRealize Operations proactively identifies and solves IT issues thanks to integrated predictive analytics and smart alerts. This way enterprises ensure optimum performance and availability at all times.
  • Deliver the right level of control
    vRealize delivers the right level of control to support the needs of IT teams balancing objectives across the dimensions of agility, risk and cost.
  • Better align business with IT needs
    Drive better IT and business alignment thanks to a high level of transparency in operations and costs of IT services.

Nubera & VMware vRealize Suite

At Nubera, it’s our job to provide you with the best possible solution for your business. Instead of locking you into one vendor or solution, we always favor open solutions. VMware’s vRealize Suite gives customers the flexibility to manage workloads regardless of whether they are on a vSphere on-premises environment, third-party hypervisors, physical servers or on supported public clouds. With this level of flexibility at our disposal, the Nubera experts can devise cloud management solutions tailored to your business needs.