Stora Enso: “With Rubrik Edge we eliminated complex data management across multiple sites”

Looking for a global data management solution across multiple environments, Stora Enso Langerbrugge (Ghent, Belgium) turned to Nubera for a solution. The challenge was to guarantee data visibility and speed of recovery across all eight of Stora Enso’s locations. “With Rubrik Edge, we have eliminated tape and are leveraging policy-driven management. This approach diminishes the risk of data loss in the event of a disaster.”

Rubrik Edge succes story

Helsinki-based Stora Enso is a leading provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wooden constructions, and paper on global markets. Their Langerbrugge mill in Belgium produces 540,000 tons of recycled newsprint and magazine paper annually. “Since we support eight locations in three countries, it is imperative that we have visibility into all our data and speed of recovery to ensure operational continuity across all our environments,” says Benny T’Jaeckx, IT System Engineer at Stora Enso.

Rubrik Edge: data protection and management of ROBO environments

Stora Enso teamed up with Nubera to find and implement the best possible solution: Rubrik Edge. The platform extends data protection and management to virtualized and physical remote and branch office (ROBO) environments.

Prior to Rubrik, the company was relying on tape for backups, which was time-consuming, complex and difficult to scale. “With Rubrik, we have eliminated tape and are leveraging policy-driven management. This approach diminishes the risk of data loss in the event of a disaster, ” T’Jaeckx explains.

Stora Enso Nubera

“Setup couldn’t have been easier”

Installing and fine-tuning Rubrik Edge went very smoothly. The software was up-and-running in under 30 minutes and auto-discovered the entire environment. “Prior to Rubrik, set-up could be tedious”, T’Jaeckx admits. “The solution required add-ons and was never fully optimized. Rubrik was optimized out of the box.”

“Huge improvement in backup performance”

Rubrik Edge not only simplifies data management across eight sites, Stora Enso benefited in other areas as well. Their physical SQL servers, for example, no longer require close monitoring due to unreliable backups and failure. In addition to policy-driven automation, Rubrik enables quick recovery with just a few clicks within a consumer-grade interface. “We also saw a huge improvement in backup performance. “What used to take 48 hours to complete, we can now do in less than 8 hours”, T’Jaeckx says.

Instant recovery with file-level restores

“Rubrik has impacted our day-to-day operations by enabling quick recovery no matter where the data resides. The RTO for virtual workloads has reduced to seconds. In addition, Our RPO has gone from 1 week to 1 day.”

“For our SQL servers, the RPO has lowered from 1 hour to 5 minutes. We can also use Rubrik’s global indexed search to perform file-level recovery, a capability our previous solution did not provide. If someone deletes a file, we can easily restore it without needing to know which folder it is in.”

Other Rubrik Edge benefits:

  • Optimized replication and self-learning:

Retention policies used to be set to 2-3 months and databases were set to 2 weeks. “Now our retention is set to 2 years. And because Rubrik is self-learning, we expect it to do even better in the future.”

  • Accelerated test/dev:

Testing databases without impacting production workloads is made possible thanks to Rubrik’s Live Mount feature.

  • Built-in reporting:

Rubrik’s built-in reporting sends an alert in case of a failure. The team also has plans to leverage Rubrik Envision to create customized reports and help drive business goals.


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