Red Hat CloudForms

Manage complex hybrid IT environments using a single platform

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Where most complex, hybrid IT environments require multiple management tools, Red Hat CloudForms simplifies IT, providing unified management and operations. As IT infrastructures progress from traditional virtualization to Infrastructure-as-a-Service, CloudForms evolves and scales horizontally and vertically, providing a consistent user experience and functionality. Integrated data and resources with third-party systems make for a comprehensive management solution.

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Red Hat CloudForms solutions

CloudForms provides a unified and consistent set of management capabilities across virtualization platforms (Red Hat Virtualization, VMware vRealize, Microsoft Hyper-V), private cloud platforms based on OpenStack and public cloud platforms (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure). With CloudForms you can manage both workloads and infrastructure within the same system.

Benefits of Red Hat CloudForms

  • Complete lifecycle support
    CloudForms starts with a web-based self-service catalog and extends to cover the complete lifecycle, operational, resource, and financial management of the deployed services.
  • Increased operational visibility
    CloudForms offers great visibility into the operations of your IT environment by continuously monitoring resources and scanning for new ones.
  • Automatic policy enforcement
    CloudForms offers comprehensive insights on all resources under management. Automatic policy enforcement helps ensure that defined policy rules aren’t bypassed.
  • Quick deployment
    Delivered as a virtual appliance, CloudForms can be deployed quickly, bringing existing environments under management within hours.

Nubera & Red Hat CloudForms

Red Hat CloudForms offers comprehensive third-party support across virtualization platforms, private cloud platforms based on OpenStack and public cloud platforms. Consequently, the Nubera experts can select and implement solutions as they see fit, without locking in customers. Red Hat supports this vision and strategy as it offers a level of flexibility that is needed to deliver the best cloud management solutions tailored to our customers’ business needs.