Open source automation that will change your company

Puppet is the industry standard to automatically deliver, update, monitor and secure distributed applications and global infrastructure. Puppet enables you to safely and automatically assign configuration roles to newly created cloud instances. Apart from automation, Puppet also offers DevOps, security & compliance, configuration management, containers and Infrastructure as Code solutions.

Puppet open source


Puppet ensures that the right things happen on the right machines, in the right order. Orchestrate phased deployments of changes across your entire infrastructure based on dependencies you define, whether you're launching a database service, a web server, or deploying files and packages on specific machines.

Automated provisioning

Puppet automatically discovers infrastructure and provisions machines based on the policies you define. Take the time you used to spend building images and running manual scripts and use it to make improvements and deliver new technologies that will help your organization thrive.

Configuration automation

Using Puppet’s simple, easy-to-read declarative language, define your infrastructure based on its desired state. Puppet Enterprise enforces your configurations and automatically remediates any unexpected change, giving you confidence that your systems are always in a known good state.

Benefits of Puppet automation tools

  • Deploy software faster and quickly orchestrate changes throughout your infrastructure
  • Improve efficiency by defining configurations once and immediately apply them to thousands of machines
  • Minimize errors and improve mean time to recovery

Puppet & Nubera

Nubera helps you find the right solution for your business. Rather than locking you into a single technology, we provide you with an open architecture framework that allows enterprises to use the right technologies in any situation. Puppet perfectly fits our vision of open strategy infrastructures, allowing us to select and integrate those Puppet open source automation solutions that push your business forward.

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