Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Flexible cloud-based architecture and infrastructure for application development

Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides a cloud-based platform and environment in which developers can build applications and services. Using the tools supplied by the provider, businesses can create software easily and cost effectively. Choosing only those features that meet their requirements and discarding those that don’t, packages can vary from simple point-and-click frameworks to infrastructure options for advanced development.

PaaS may include but is not limited to operating systems, server-side scripting environment, database management system, server software, storage, network access, hosting and tools for design and development. Whether they are building an application to offer over the internet or software to be sold out of the box, developers can take advantage of a PaaS solution. Even businesses that are developing their own internal software can use PaaS to create distinct ring-fenced development and testing environments.

Benefits of Platform as a Service

  1. No physical infrastructure required to develop. Not only does this save acquisition and maintenance costs, businesses only need to invest in the resources they need rather than invest in fixed capacity.
  2. Pre-configured PaaS features make developing very easy, even for non-experts.
  3. Quickly adapt PaaS features as the business circumstances change.
  4. Developers in different locations can easily work together via a browser.
  5. Data security, backup and recovery come with the PaaS solution.

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