Flexible and agile enterprise cloud solutions, maximum control and lower TCO

Nutanix delivers the flexibility and agility of public clouds but with the security and control of private enterprise datacenters and with lower Total Cost of Ownership. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform leverages commodity x86-based servers and hyperconvergence to natively integrate compute, storage and virtualization in scale-out clusters. As such, IT organizations can focus on the applications and workloads powering their business.

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Nutanix solutions

Nutanix solutions replace the silos of servers and storage along with the need for separate management tools and processes.

  • Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform
    The backbone is Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform which integrates with VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization solutions. Or you can choose the Acropolis HyperVisor (AHV), an integrated virtualization solution, that helps simplify the datacenter stack.
  • Acropolis App Mobility Fabric
    The Acropolis App Mobility Fabric (AMF) puts the focus back on applications. Free applications from getting locked into any infrastructure platform and allow applications and data to move between different hypervisors, to any public cloud service and to container-based environments.

    Stop spending time and effort on keeping lights on with infrastructure and focus on managing applications. Simply choose when and how you will use on-premises infrastructure and public cloud services based on business needs. Predictable and performance sensitive workloads based on Microsoft SQL, Oracle, SAP etc. can run within an enterprise datacenter whereas elastic or dynamically changing workloads can seamlessly run in a public cloud service.

Benefits of Nutanix web-scale IT solutions

  • Flexible software-defined infrastructure
    The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform is 100% software-defined, running on x86 servers. Because the system doesn’t rely on any special purpose hardware for resilience, performance and availability, this allows for new capabilities to be introduced without hardware upgrades. Infrastructure can be configured on the fly to support different application needs.
  • Full linear scalability
    Software distributes data, metadata and operations across the entire cluster. With no bottlenecks or choke point in the data, the environment can grow without limits.
  • Auto-healing
    The Enterprise Cloud Platform’s auto-healing feature is designed to tolerate component failures through fault isolation and automatic recovery without bringing down the overall system.
  • Automation and data-driven efficiency
    Extensive automation and comprehensive REST-API reduce operational expenses while rich analytics deliver actionable insights and enable data-driven efficiency.

This results in:

  • lower costs
  • faster time-to-value
  • smaller footprint
  • more time for IT innovation

Nubera & Nutanix

Nubera helps you find the right solution for your business. Rather than locking you into a single technology, we provide you with an open architecture framework that allows enterprises to use the right technologies in any situation. Nutanix perfectly fits our vision of open strategy infrastructures, allowing us to select and integrate the Nutanix web-scale solutions to create the perfect custom cloud infrastructure tailored to your business needs. Nubera is a Nutanix Elite & Consulting partner.