Liantis: “Nubera is now our no. 1 partner in automation"

The Liantis is a leading Belgian HR service provider. Among other things, Liantis provides expert advice on staff, social security and child benefit. The tools used in this process require a robust server environment that is both flexible and reliable. Liantis has been working with the open source configuration management platform Puppet for a few years now, but recently wanted to switch to the premium Puppet Enterprise version. Nubera coordinated the transformation process. “The entire operation has been a great success”, says Liantis system administrator Tim Veranneman. “Nubera is now our number one go-to partner in automation.”

Liantis in a nutshell

Each day, ADMB’s 1,300+ employees support more than 40.000 businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs in all things people-related. Clients can count on Liantis' expertise in salary administration, recruitment, occupational health and safety, child benefit, social security, insurance and much more. Apart from their robust online platform, Liantis also boasts an extensive network of more than 60 offices all around Belgium.

Switching to Puppet Enterprise

For years, Liantis used Puppet’s free, open-source configuration management tool to manage their Linux-based IT infrastructure, which mostly consists of web applications. In 2016, Liantis switched to the enterprise version of Puppet. Nubera coordinated the entire transformation process, ensuring a smooth transition. The main reason for switching to Puppet Enterprise was the higher level of support that is included in the Enterprise version, such as access to Puppet Forge where you can find all sorts of Puppet modules or sharable units of Puppet code.

“The entire process has been a great success”, says Tim Veranneman, system administrator at Liantis. “The collaboration with the Nubera team went flawless. They set up a new Puppet server, created a new environment and migrated all existing modules into the new environment - all without a single hiccup. Some modules underwent syntax alterations for compatibility reasons but even then our in-house IT team was kept in the loop to make sure everything worked according to our wishes. Switching to Puppet Enterprise has resulted in improved visibility of our entire IT environment. We can now add new servers faster without any downtime.”

"Nubera gave us the confidence to further automate our infrastructure"

“Migrating servers is a complex operation, requiring a lot of expertise and a thorough game plan. Nubera excelled in both, which gave us the confidence to further automate our IT infrastructure.”

Puppet Enterprise makes it possible to define infrastructure as code so multiple teams can collaborate. In such a flexible IT environment versioning, peer review, automated testing and continuous delivery become second nature. “Nubera is definitely our preferred partner to take the lead here.”

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