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Adopting an efficient IT architecture that is aligned with the company’s business goals

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You need an IT infrastructure that is capable of dealing with technological innovations to drive business differentiators faster? We are happy to initiate and coordinate the transformation. The result is an IT architecture that is flexible, cost efficient and automated.

Finding the technology that is right for your business can be daunting. That’s why we’re here to help you out. As a strategic IT partner we help you by applying an open strategy. This means choice for our customers. Although we carefully choose technology partners and products that are in line with our vision, we don't necessarily believe single vendor products will get you the best solution. Customers should have maximum flexibility irrespective of the products. Services should be delivered, operated and managed in a similar way. We offer freedom of choice and no vendor lock-in by decoupling the automation layer. There we define how your organization is structured and the definition of the services you offer to your business.

How we work

Getting to know your business

Before we can implement new technology or software, we need to get to know your business. So grab a coffee and tell us all about your services and processes. What do you need in order to run your business more effectively and what services does your organization expect?

Describe and define your infrastructure and services

The time of writing lengthy architectural documents is a thing of the past. How your infrastructure is organized and what you are offering to the business should be captured so that it becomes usable for cloud management and automation tools.

Technology mapping

Now it’s time to talk about technology. Often times organizations hard code their architecture in a selected product, which severely limits their freedom. Our approach will not lock you into a single technology, but rather provide you with an open architecture framework that allows you to use the right technologies in any situation.

What our customers are saying

At Nubera we take pride in our work. Here you will find some of our customer stories as they speak for themselves.
See the proof and learn how we work.

Migrating servers is a complex operation, requiring a lot of expertise and a thorough game plan. Nubera excelled in both, which gave us the confidence to further automate our IT infrastructure.



With Rubrik, we have eliminated tape and are leveraging policy-driven management. This approach diminishes the risk of data loss in the event of a disaster.



Instead of acquiring extra hardware and trying to piece everything together, we opted for the all-in-one approach offered by Nutanix & Nubera.



We deliberately chose a partner that might be slightly smaller in size but that is clearly made of the right stuff.



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