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As enterprises shift to a multi-cloud strategy, Cloud Management Platforms provide the functionality to manage complex cloud architectures by offering self-service interfaces, provisioning system images, enabling metering and billing and providing some degree of workload optimization in an agile and cost-effective manner.

Nowadays, companies leverage more than one single or hybrid cloud environment. They depend on several public or private clouds, or a mix of the two. Provisioning and deprovisioning resources, monitoring and cost control require the right management tools. Cloud Management Platforms provide an overarching structure, allowing enterprises to control and manage cloud storage, compute, applications and development.

A tighter integration of public, private and hybrid cloud services not only accelerates service delivery and reduces operational costs, it also ensures compliance and governance. Covering the complete lifecycle, operational, resource, and financial management of the deployed services, Cloud Management Platforms make life that much easier.

How to choose your Cloud Management Platform?

Choosing a Cloud Management Platform that is right for your business requires careful consideration and thorough knowledge of the current market. In reality, most IT organizations are unaware of the different providers and simply choose for the cheapest platform.

At Nubera, we choose the Cloud Management Platform that is best for your business. Whether you benefit from a DevOps-focused, Operations-focused or Governance-focused platform we find out as we get to know your business.

Selecting the right Cloud Management Platform depends on a number of things, such as the resources you must manage (types of public and private clouds, DevOps, cost control, etc.), your main focus and the interface compatibility with the cloud resources you are looking to leverage.

It’s our job to find and implement the best Cloud Management Platform for your business.

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