Why we eat your complexity

By Dirk De Meirsman

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Over the past few years we at Nubera have been passionate about simplifying the complexity of IT Operations. The reason we’re so obsessed with this complexity is that we believe there is a lot of pressure on IT to support the business. With the digitalization of nearly every process and business, there is a lot of demand for more and faster IT. The reality of most IT organization is that a lot of stuff is still done manually and inefficiently. So if we automate all of these provision, configuration & service management complexities, our customers can focus on supporting the innovation the business so desperately needs.

We obviously think that automation is a key to solve that challenge, but  it’s not just about writing a bunch of scripts. Scripts get outdated easily and most of the time only the original developer knows how to use the scripts. You will need something way smarter. You will also need something that works with all of your systems and departments and you need to get all different IT teams aligned on a single point of truth, without forcing technologies and or specific tools onto them.

For large organizations we bring expertise and knowledge to co-create this automation architecture centered around a single point of truth and breaking down the different silo’s in IT organizations. We also bridge the old and the new or as Gartner put’s it, we support the Bimodal reality of automating and integrating legacy while enabling new innovation.

Because not all organizations are large enough to create it all themselves, we’re working on the evolution of managed services. In essence many organizations seek salvation in managed services, basically outsource non-core processes to a third-party. Unfortunately they end up at the mercy of a ticketing desk of another company. That ticketing desk is just a queue for a bunch of human operators that are still slow and error prone.

We are working tirelessly on our automated managed services. It’s our answer to the complexity of every day IT operations. With our new service you basically get the same benefits as a managed service, without the downsides. This service is also designed to be open and community driven, agnostic from tools, platforms, public or private clouds. This way you do not have to reinvent the wheel for each service, instead you’ll be able to provision a service from a service template and tailor it to your specific situation. It will not be like the traditional costly managed services models, where the operations and tasks are basically outsourced to teams of humans. Instead your services will be managed with smart automation.

Do you want us to eat your complexity? So you can focus on supporting your core business? You can meet us or download one of our eBooks.

By Dirk De Meirsman on 25 - 09 - 2018

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