Open automation

By Dirk De Meirsman

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At Nubera our focus is on IT automation. For the past years we’ve had a lot of experience building IT automation architectures and one thing is very clear: you need openness to make your architecture flexible and future ready.

It’s clear that the basis of all - in IT - has become open source software, the reason simply being that in open source you get a very large community of individual intelligent people that can develop and debug software. Businesses realize they will have to redesign themselves and use technology as a competitive advantage. Technology has evolved from being a cost, over being an enabler, to being a strategic necessity. 

To run all of this technology, companies need infrastructure and they need Enterprise IT. But they also need agility and they need to deliver new things fast. That’s why it’s so important to be able to make use of the hyperscale clouds such as Amazon, Azure and Google Cloud. We have seen organisations adopting one of these clouds and then being stuck in one them, sometimes organisations think that cloud management platforms will be the solution, but the reality is that no single tool can do it all. Reality is that more and more organisations want to adopt a multi cloud strategy and to do that you will also need to adopt a multi orchestrator strategy. The best way to achieve this is to start with a separation of data and code when automating.

So businesses should move from the outsourcing practice to right sourcing discrete IT services all while keeping the architecture in-house and in their own control so they do not give up any flexibility and control over their infrastructure landscape. In doing so, a business remains in control and is not handed down to a service desk of their managed service provider or outsourcer. We’ve seen many organisations opt for the outsourcing route only to discover that they lose flexibility and are at the mercy of the inflexibility of an external company.

Nubera co-creates a platform that enables you to decouple configuration data, infrastructure and application service definitions from tooling and platforms. Nubera can help create the required abstraction layer providing flexibility, adaptability and efficiency which is an essential part of the execution of a well thought out automation strategy. Nubera can model your infrastructure, describe your services and applications and make it accessible to any automation or orchestration tool.

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By Dirk De Meirsman on 21 - 06 - 2018

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