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Forget about backup, it’s all about cloud data management now

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Being able to recover data easily and fast is the main reason we do backups. However, at Nubera, we want to take backup one step further. Our vision for cloud data management not only includes data recovery, it also boasts data protection, copy data management with smart analytics and search capabilities in a scalable, API first fabric. All this comes in an on-premises, all-in-one scale, x86 based appliance and scales out the public cloud.

As such, we take cloud storage to a new level, simplifying backup and recovery for virtualized and physical environments. By integrating data orchestration, catalogue management and deduplicated storage into a single, scale-out fabric, we effectively eliminate backup software.

Why move to data management solutions?

We think traditional backup solutions are too much of a hassle. Even worse, they are error-prone. Juggling backup jobs and making sure data is recoverable at any time is a nightmare. And if you like to scale your backup solution in hundreds of virtual machines, you more than likely run into scaling issues.

So then, we believe a data management solution should be as simple as defining one or more SLA’s – based on retention, frequency and other parameters – and then simply tag your applications/VM’s for backup.

Are you up for it?

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