Avi Networks

Automated application services and security for on-premises or cloud apps

Avi Networks delivers automated application services, including load balancing, application analytics, predictive auto-scaling, and security for on-premises or public cloud applications. The Vantage platform is built on software-defined principles, runs on commodity x86 servers, VMs, or containers, and matches the automation and self-service goals of modern enterprises.

Avi Vantage

Avi Vantage delivers application services beyond load balancing, including application insights, predictive auto-scaling, security, and infrastructure dependence.

Mirroring the needs of software defined datacenters, Avi Vantage uses a distributed architecture which separates the control and data planes. Unlike legacy load balancing solutions, Avi Vantage provides:

  • Application services as a centrally managed pool of resources
  • Multicloud support – Virtualized, SDN, OpenStack, or public cloud
  • Uniform application services across environments

Avi Vantage provides multitenant application services close to the application, delivering:

  • Multitenancy to isolate apps and improve SLA to internal customers
  • Scalable and granular services in the proximity of applications
  • Per-app load balancing capabilities

DevOps principles and continuous delivery goals are forcing enterprises to automate routine tasks such as virtual IP (VIP) provisioning and configuration changes. Avi Vantage enables:

  • Application service automation through 100% REST API
  • Visibility with app maps to monitor and troubleshoot apps
  • Policy-driven self-service for developers to build services

Benefits of Avi Networks

  • Lower TCO: In addition to dramatically reducing upfront capital costs through an elastic appliance-based model, Avi Vantage also alleviates operational complexities inherent in buying hardware and managing multiple tools.
  • 5x faster app rollout: Automation reduces application provisioning time from weeks to hours.
  • Troubleshoot issues in minutes: Avi’s analytics capabilities provide actionable insights into end user experience, application performance, resource utilization, security, and anomalous behavior.
  • Improved security: The admin console displays actionable security details including information about SSL versions and ciphers used in transactions, real-time DDoS attack data, and system health scores.

Nubera & Avi Networks

Nubera helps you find the right solution for your business. Rather than locking you into a single technology, we provide you with an open architecture framework that allows enterprises to use the right technologies in any situation. Avi Networks perfectly fits our vision of open strategy infrastructures, allowing us to select and integrate those automated application services that really push your business forward.

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