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Why Nubera?

We started Nubera because we believe IT organizations are missing out on business opportunities by spending too much time on manual and repetitive jobs. It’s our mission to enable them to become innovative, flexible and cost efficient through automation & orchestration. Ultimately our vision is to deliver any IT service on any platform with a single click.

Any IT service, any platform, single click

At Nubera people come first. Everything we do is aimed at making your professional life easier, your work more efficient and your business more prosperous. Our team of skilled IT professionals is ready to help your organization realize the full potential of cloud native technologies and automation.

“I'm privileged to work with a fantastic team, to help organizations realize the full potential of cloud automation technologies.”



Working with talented people that understand customer challenges, and translating these in something that resonates with our customers' daily life. This is really where Nubera is making the difference. Bringing simplicity to complex projects is something everybody wants to achieve.



“Nubera is a company where culture is defined by passion and innovation. Having the opportunity to assemble a talented and dedicated team that is able to deal with the challenges of highly complex projects and fast evolving technologies, allows us to keep pushing our imagination and creativity to continuously deliver better solutions.”


How we work

Getting to know your business

Before we can get any work done, we listen to your story. Tell us all about your services, your customer expectations, requirements and business needs. Your business deserves our full attention.

Designing and documenting your IT infrastructure

The goal is providing automated solutions for every technology or product. We do so by documenting how your IT infrastructure is organized and listing the services that it is supposed to deliver into query-able data.

Automating and implementing

All our automation solutions are built with constant configuration management in mind so the tools can be used during the entire lifecycle of the component, application or service.